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Introducing Elf on a Shelf Skillz!

Posted: November 30, 2020

Hey Parents,  

Many parents enlist Elf on the Shelf to remind our kids that he/she’s keeping tabs on them and letting Santa know if they should be on the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list…  

However, this concept doesn’t align with SKILLZ theories for child development as we believe threats, coercion, and punishments do more harm for behavior modifications, particularly during COVID.  

With that said, we’ve put together a cool concept to help utilize Elf on the Shelf as another support tool just like our SKILLZ instructors!  

Here’s how it works: 

1.  There are 8 Elf SKILLZ.  

2.  Each night, have the Elf leave a challenge or message alternating through one skill, in order.  

3.  Rotate through each one 3 times equals 24 days of Elf SKILLZ starting December 1st.  

4.  For even more fun and better results, the child can earn 5 points each day they complete the challenge and then the Elf will leave a small gift once they receive 20 points. Gifts can include candy, money, art supplies, etc. 

Here are the SKILLZ: 

1.  Manners

2.  Kindness

3.  Bravery

4.  Creativity

5.  Self-Control

6.  Loving

7.  Healthiness

8.  Cooperation 


Click here for sample text you can print out as a note from the Elf on the first night:


Click here for a sample challenge targeting a 5 & 6-year old:


Click here for a quick cheat sheet of subtopics for each of the Elf SKILLZ:


I hope the ELF SKILLZ inspires you to use this concept is a more positive and productive manner!  


Also, be sure to use the #elfskillz if you make posts on your social media pages to help build a worldwide trend for this creative concept! 


Best Regards,

Elisha Coffrin